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Benefits of FemTouch™ treatment

The FDA-cleared treatment for vaginal rejuvenation is indicated for healthy women with mild to moderate symptoms of vaginal atrophy, or atrophic vaginitis. Some of the benefits to this minimally-invasive, drug-free treatment include:

  • Increased tissue elasticity in the vaginal canal.
  • Stronger, thicker vaginal mucosa.
  • Improvement in natural lubrication.
  • Improved comfort during sexual intercourse.
  • Decrease in symptoms of stress or urge urinary incontinence.

At some point, the average woman begins to notice certain symptoms that alert her to changes in her vaginal health. These may be due to pregnancy and childbirth, and the hormonal fluctuations that go along with that experience. Vaginal health is also directly affected by perimenopause and menopause. Depending on the symptoms and the severity with which they present themselves, a woman’s lifestyle could suffer.

  • General vaginal discomfort or itching due to dryness.
  • Frequent or chronic vaginal infections.
  • Chronic vaginal discharge.
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • Loss of sexual satisfaction due to discomfort or loss of sensation.
  • Slight bleeding after intercourse.
  • Tissue tears or rupture.
  • Stress urinary incontinence or urge incontinence.

We tend to consider these complaints as a part of aging, but research is now suggesting otherwise. Physicians are seeing more cases of conditions such as stress urinary incontinence in women aged 20-45 years.

A woman deserves to feel confident. She deserves to feel comfortable, and she deserves to feel satisfied with sexual intercourse. We could not be more pleased to provide our patients with a comfortable setting in which we can discuss issues related to vaginal atrophy, and the potential for successful treatment.

What is vaginal atrophy?

This common vaginal health condition typically occurs in response to estrogen depletion. Without crucial hormone balance, the delicate mucosa that makes up the walls of the vaginal canal become dry, inflamed, and itchy.

How we are solving the problems associated with vaginal atrophy

Patients of Newport Beach Urologist Dr. Jill Byers can find the help they need to regain comfort and confidence when they explore FemTouch™ laser treatment for vaginal atrophy. The approach does not involve the use of hormones to rebalance vaginal health. Instead, it directs effort toward the thinning tissues that form the vaginal mucous epithelium layer.

FemTouch™ treatment works by gently ablating and coagulating the vaginal lining in a safe, comfortable, and controlled manner. The laser device is based on proven CO2 laser and fractional laser technology. The small applicator delivers precision laser energy along the walls of the vaginal canal, guided by a sophisticated scanner that facilitates the optimal treatment of target tissue. Fractional laser does not affect every inch of tissue surface, only a fraction. This encourages faster healing and greater comfort.

What to expect

Prior to FemTouch™ laser treatment, performed in our Newport Beach office, a vaginal examination is conducted in order to rule out the presence of infection or abnormality that may ultimately affect the success of the proposed care plan. Topical numbing medication is applied to the appropriate areas. We may wait up to 45 minutes to commence with treatment after this step. The sterile applicator is inserted, then moved slowly outward as laser energy is delivered into target tissue. The absorption of energy may cause a slight warming sensation, but typically does not cause pain. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Many women treated with FemTouch™ report improvement after their first or second treatment. However, the formal recommendation for optimal results is that 3 to 4 visits occur at 4-week intervals. Following the first treatment, we schedule periodic follow-up visits to assess the level of improvement.

Learn more about your options for treating vaginal atrophy in our friendly Newport Beach urology center. Call (949) 515-3777 or contact us today!.

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